Don't fall out of shape

Don't fall out of shape

By Christopher Coyne

The leaves are changing, and unfortunately for a lot of us, so are our exercise habits. The softball glove gets put away and the volleyball shorts are tucked in a drawer, not to be seen until next Spring. Then there's the double-whammy that is a human's natural tendency to eat heartier, higher-calorie foods as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. It doesn't have to be this way! Don't fall out of shape in fall! Just because you're not getting outside as much as you did in the summer, doesn't mean you have to give in to the couch. We asked Kelsey Newman, the owner of Positive LifeForce Fitness and Wellness in Endwell, to give us a few tips for staying motivated, and in shape during autumn. Here are her suggestions:

Stay Fit This Fall!

(#1) There are indoor volleyball leagues too! And lots of other indoor sports you can join by yourself or with a friend or two. Racquetball, tennis even adult kickball leagues are fun ways to keep yourself moving in every season!

(#2) Cardiovascular exercise is very important. If you're a walker or runner but don't like doing either in the dark, try to get outside in the middle of your day - take a walk, or a short run at lunch. Or try swimming or an indoor cycling class to get that cardio workout.

(#3) If you are packing in some higher calorie meals this season, take that into consideration when you think about burning them off. Make sure your exercise is a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance training. Consult with a Personal Trainer to find out what a good weekly fitness program looks like for you, and make it your goal to stick to it!

The key to staying on track is to choose activities that you actually enjoy. If your workout routine is designed solely to keep you in shape, with little variation and no fun, you'll dread it and therefore be more likely to skip a week...or two..or every week. Mix it up a little! Keep your exercise fresh and fun, and you'll look forward to doing it. And this year you won't fall out of shape.