Shape Up-Fall Into A New Routine!

Shape Up-Fall Into A New Routine!



The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier, and it's getting a little brisk outside. But just because it isn't shorts-and tank top weather, doesn't mean you can't keep your workouts fresh! A new season is a great time to give your current fitness routine an overhaul and stay healthy, happy and fresh! Here are some tips and ideas to help you have a fit Fall!

Mix it up! If you've been consistently going to the gym, take your workout outside. The weather is perfect this time of year, not too hot, not too cold. Try some of these outdoor exercises:

  • Find the nearest playground and try a "jump to pull-up" on the uneven bars working toward a full pull-up or chin-up. It's great for your lats, deltoids and biceps.
  • Try stepping up on a picnic bench seat. Work your quads and hamstrings.
  • Hang from the monkey bars and tuck your knees in toward your chest to work you quads and abs.
  • Jog around the playground or tennis courts to keep a cardio element in your workout!

If you're jogger or runner, try adding intervals to your routine. Jog faster for 2 or 3 light post lengths while jogging around your neighborhood, then recover for 2 lengths.

Do some multi-tasking. Go for a brisk walk around the field while your kids are sports practice. Grab some other parents to keep you company on your walk too!

The important thing to keep you committed to staying in shape is to keep your workouts fresh. Keeping the same routine for too long will start to seem tedious and you'll be more likely to skip a workout. Fall is a great time to change things up a little and try some new exercises so you stay motivated and shape up!



Erin Hundley

RRF Head Trainer

Court Jester Athletic Clubs

Binghamton & Johnson City