Shape Up and Feel Great!

Shape Up and Feel Great!


We look at the models in the magazines and on television, and think, "wow", wouldn't it be great to look like that and how do they have the time to keep in that kind of shape? You have to remember that being physically fit is a job requirement for these models, and many of them spend hours a day with personal trainers and nutritionists to stay in shape! You can stay fit and healthy, too by establishing a routine, and you should be looking at exercise and good nutrition as being good for your overall health, rather than making it just about weight loss.

While regular exercise will result in a strong, and toned physical body, there is so much more to fitness, that the physical benefits seem small by comparison. An active lifestyle can do amazing things like contributing to feelings of confidence and an enhancing your sense of well-being.

No longer merely a prescription for lowering disease risk, improving heart health and reversing aging conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes and arthritis. Exercise is being lauded throughout the medical community as an important tool for fighting depression and contributing to a better overall quality of life.

The human brain produces chemicals known as endorphins and enkephalins, powerful natural opiates that both relieve pain and induce a sense of mild euphoria. Endorphin release is triggered by vigorous or sustained exercise, resulting in feelings of overall well-being, which include the familiar "runner's high." Plus, when you set an attainable goal of losing weight and toning muscle, you achieve a boost in self-confidence and improved sense of self, which spills over into your personal relationships and work.

Regardless of your age, your aspirations or your fitness level, it's important to set goals. Begin a routine by walking, taking a martial arts class, a Zumba® class or anything that you will enjoy. The point is that you will feel better physically and mentally.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Exercise:

Manage Stress
Build confidence
Better focus
Reduces anxiety
Reduces depression
Feelings of accomplishment
Control over your body and life
Sense of balance and well being
Better self esteem.
Improves moods
Improves sleep
Gain mental energy and discipline
Lessens anger and frustration in daily life
Creates a schedule that keeps you feeling grounded