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From the Publisher - Celebrating 10 Years

From the Publisher - Celebrating 10 Years

Just as medicine and health and wellness have progressed over the past ten years, Healthy Life Magazine has evolved, too.

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When we published our first issue in October, 2003 we covered such topics as the food pyramid guidelines established by the USDA, understanding the silent disease of glaucoma, what causes back pain and what are the new ways to treat it, statistics you should know about breast cancer, and fun things to do with your family in the finger lakes region. The cover and the center article were printed in color and the rest of the magazine was printed in black and white and distributed throughout the Southern Tier for free. It's still free thanks to our advertisers, but is now printed in full color with many other features added.

In the summer of 2004, we introduced the Twin Tiers edition of Healthy Life Magazine, utilizing the expertise of local physicians, dieticians, health trainers, nurses and many others in the health and wellness field to contribute to the articles and help educate people about good health. Our goal was and always will be to take advantage of the wealth of health knowledge available right here in our hometowns, and bring HLM as a free resource to the people in the communities we serve.

The team at HLM has participated in many health and wellness shows, started a website to archive all of the articles previously written, plus proved current content, and created a facebook site, all to help reach as many people as possible about the latest technological advancements in medicine and health and wellness topics.

As Healthy Life Magazine celebrates ten years, I would like to thank our readers, advertisers and other supporters of the magazine who have made this such a success! Here's to your health.


Stephanie Blodgett