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Water cooler chat: Toy safety

Water cooler chat: Toy safety

Gadgets and gizmos are bound to fill your youngsters' holiday wish lists, but parents should be cautious when picking out toys for their children this season.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group released its 27th annual ‘Trouble in Toyland' survey at the end of November. Researchers visit toy stores around the country throughout the shopping season to scope out potential hazards that could poison, suffocate or choke your child.

Read the 'Trouble in Toyland' report

This year's survey concluded that lead exposure continues to pose a legitimate risk to the brains of young children, and "can cause permanent mental and developmental impairments."

Magnets, marbles and balloons represent choking hazards that parents should take into consideration, while other toys exceed the recommended limit for continuous exposure to noise above 65 decibels.

The survey report, and a summary, can be found at