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Fresh summer foods from A to Z

Fresh summer foods from A to Z

By Christopher Coyne

If you're a regular reader of Healthy Life, you know how often we talk about the importance of eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of a diet rich in fresh produce are innumerable and immeasurable. One of the great things about living in the Northeast is the diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available to us year round.

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With each season comes new treats fresh from area farms that were just days ago hanging from a stalk or growing in the ground. Summer gives us a veritable alphabet of seasonal goodness that will bring color and flavor to our picnic tables and party fare. Here's just a partial alphabetical list of the delicious offerings you can expect to see at your grocer or at the local Farmer's Market as the Summer unwinds.

Print out this list, or find the latest issue of HLM and clip it out and hang it on the fridge for a quick reference for what's fresh when:

Arugula-May through September
Basil-July through September
Blueberries-July and August
Broccoli-June through November
Cabbage-June through October
Cantaloupes-August and September
Carrots-June through September
Caulifower-August through November
Corn-June through August
Cucumbers-July through October
Eggplant-July through October
Escarole-September and October
Fava Beans-May and June
Garlic-July through October
Grapes-September and October
Green Beans-July through September
Green Onions-May through September
Kale-June through November
Kohlrabi-June and July
Leeks-August thorough December
Lettuce-May through October
Melons-July through October
Mint-Spring and Summer
Mushrooms-Spring through Fall
Nectarines-August and September
Onions-Jult through October
Peaches-July through September
Pears-August and September
Peas-July Through October
Peppers (sweet)-July through October
Plums-August and September
Potatoes-July through December
Radicchio-September and October
Radishes-May through September
Raspberries-July through September
Rhubarb-May through September
Rutabagas-August through November
Spinach-May through September
Summer Squash-July through September
Tomatoes-July through September
Watermelons-August through October
Winter Squash-August through December
Zucchini-July through September
Zucchini Blossoms-June and July